Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WSO2 @ Tech.Ed 2008

Yesterday was a big day for Microsoft, WSO2 and the entire web service middleware provider industry. The true power of advanced web services and the gains in interoperability was presented in front of thousands seated, and perhaps a million or more online viewers taking part at the Microsoft Tech.Ed 2008 for IT Professionals, North America.

Jonathan Marsh, director of Mashup Technologies, WSO2 presented a real time demo on interoperability of WCF, WSO2 WSF/PHP, Axis2 (Java based), integrating several other components such as a WPF frontend and PHP enterprise applications. Jonathan was accompanied by Greg Leek, Director of Connected Systems Division, Microsoft, in the demonstration which was a part of Bob Muglia's keynote speech. The video broadcasted live is available for viewing at, [1].

Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO WSO2, adds more spice in this blog post, which identifies interoperability as the heart and soul of a web service middleware framework. And, WSO2 provides perhaps the most comprehensive line of projects that are superior in standard and free to use.

The actual pieces of of the larger application in play are found at WSO2 Oxygen Tank, and the MSDN.


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