Sunday, June 8, 2008

Introducing SCI-Flex...

SCI-Flex is my present top-priority involvement, which is my final year project at the University of Moratuwa. The project is worth 10 credits of my 150 credit requirement for the 4 years of my BSc. in Computer Science and Engineering, making it the largest single contributor to my degree program.

SCI-Flex is a project aimed at the Flexible Integration of Service Oriented Architecture and Complex Event Processing. The topic is relatively new in the world of SOA as well as in the world of CEP systems. And, the achievement is a distributed SOA system utilizing a CEP system in a fully-parallel and concurrent fashion.

I'm a part of a team of three (others are Harsha, and Madhumal) individuals who are taking part in this project which focuses on the development to a real world project, Apache Synapse making it possible for it to fully utilize the power of the popular open source CEP system, Esper.

In addition to the three members in our team, Paul Fremantle, VP of Apache Synapse and CTO of WSO2, will be coordinating the project being our principle mentor. Sanjaya Karunasena, Director of Services at WSO2 is also another mentor of this project.

We have so far been able to create a mediator interface that enables both XML and AXIOM based communication between Synapse and Esper. A project has been setup at Google Code as means of facilitating our effort.

Our aim is to create a empowered and enhanced implementation of Apache Synapse with the necessary improvements and additions to fully incorporate the true power of Esper.

More information of SCI-Flex is found on the SCI-Flex blog.

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