Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AMQP support now in Apache Axis2/C

Axis2/C, the world's best implementation of a WS engine in C supports both SOAP and REST style invocations. Axis2/C can be used to implement web services in many other languages as well due to it's inherent portability allowances. Examples found in the WSO2 stack, such as PHP, C++, Ruby and Perl fortify this aspect. An implementation supporting WS on Python is also underway, and will be released soon. Axis2/C can also operate based on a number of transports such as HTTP, TCP, and XMPP. The latter being a part of WSO2 WSF/C which is a glorified implementation of Axis2/C with all of its sub projects.

AMQP, or the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol is a relatively new protocol supporting network communication which was introduced about 2-3 years back. AMQP is an open standard application layer protocol for message oriented middleware. AMQP is intended to bridge the gap between common guaranteed-delivery messaging middleware, which enables complete interoperability at both protocol level and broker services semantics level. AMQP also defines an efficient wire-level format to enable a technology-neutral interoperable standard.

The AMQP transport for Axis2/C which was introduced few days ago addresses a popular demand for making it possible to author web services to use the AMQP protocol, which is a best of both worlds implementation. AMQP + Axis2/C makes it possible to integrate the world of AMQP based communication with WS services based on other standards. The Axis2/C project uses an extension provided by Apache Qpid to implement a transport based on AMQP.

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