Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thrown by Exceptions

Today I was working on the Exception Handling mechanism of WSO2 WSF/C++, and ran into a great deal of trouble. Things started going downhill after I discovered that an exception object created on the runtime stack is copied shallow when it is accessed using a pointer in C++ leading me to nothing better than extreme misery. :)...

However, it would have been simple if I could actually use a copy constructor in my code. But, making things so worse, I didn't have a way of using a copy constructor as I decided not to export class symbols of the base classes.

Anyway, towards the end of the day, fortune just struck me when I finally realized that c++ did have another type of parameter passing using the magical '&' operator unlike C.

Understanding the hardships I had with not having adequate information on the internet, or at least not having a way to search for them, I decided to post my solution so that at least someone else would benefit by reading it.

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