Saturday, January 12, 2008

MD5 support integrated to Axis2/C

Apache Axis2/C a fully fledged SOAP processing Web Service Engine, lacked one very important feature in the past. That was the ability to generate digest checksums. In order to sort this out, OpenSSL a common SSL extension was used as it had integrated support for generating digest checksums. I was able to develop a utility capable of generating md5 (Message Digest Algorithm) checksums based on rfc1321.

With this inclusion, I also added support for generating checksums of files and also a test-case for testing md5 operation. Now, we can look forward for another major inclusion to our client-side. That is the inherent support for handling HTTP Digest Authentication.

The ability of generating md5 checksums for files is exposed through a command line utility, md5, which can be found inside the bin/tools directory at the deployment (installation) location.

I would like to sincerely thank Ronald Rivest in his approach in making md5 a reality.


NET Web Services said...

Very useful information... thanks!!!

Senaka said...

You are welcome

Alan Varner said...

Hi. I see that you wrote this a couple years ago. How did the md5 project go? It's good to know that you've got people in your line of work, like Ronald Rivest, who supports the projects that you initiate.