Sunday, November 11, 2007

Adding Value to your Smile

Today, I happened to watch Mr. Bean's Holiday, apparently for the third time. It was one of those films that you could watch all over from the beginning and enjoy just as if you saw it for the first time. Written by Rowan Atkinson himself, along with Simon McBurney, Hamish McColl, and Robin Driscoll, the comedy wouldn't have become a reality if not for the commendable effort put forth by director, Steve Bendelack.

From the point at which he enters the room in which the raffle takes place, when he says that he has won it even before it being drawn, to the very end at the beach in Cannes, Mr. Bean does his usual hilarious, awful, disgusting, idiotic, sympathetic, sick etc. stunts and just as in the comedy series, gets going with everybody’s bellies about to blow for the amount that they laugh.

However, there were few scenes that added value to what I smiled for. :)… Setting apart a few of them, we have,

  1. When Bean ate seafood at the French restaurant,
  2. When he sang O Mio Babbino Caro, with such a lot of emotion,
  3. When he tried hitch-hiking, to get a free ride and got himself locked up,
  4. When he made a mess at the yoghurt advertisement,
  5. When he drove the car trying to stay awake,
  6. The way people slept watching Carson Clay's film,
  7. And finally when Mr. Bean plugged his video camera instead of Clay’s original film.

Taking a break from the busy lifestyle of the 21st century, films as such, not only brings that smile into your life, that you always did not have time for, but also eases your stressfulness and adds that spice of enjoyment in to your life.

I would definitely put a third thumb up if you were asking me to comment on that film. There is also a website dedicated for the teaser which can be viewed at

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