Monday, September 8, 2008

Picasa 3.0 beta: Yet another release by Google

Google announced the availability of Picasa 3.0 beta, a way in which you can personalize the photos you post on the web. Along with Chrome, the latest browser Google released few days ago, Picasa seems to be getting an equal amount of attention. For those who are already familiar with earlier versions of Picasa, the latest release brings a load of new features that you've long been waiting for.

Picasa's latest release also comes with upgrades to cousin, Picasa Web albums, which is a two year old technology according to Google, which brings together some millions of users sharing billions of photos online. Upgrades to Picasa Web Albums, adds several new features including name-tags, and explore. Two innovating introductions making organization rather simplified.

As seen in this video that shows a glimpse of several new features added, Picasa 3.0 gives you the ability to do quite a deal of photo editing including dust and scratch removal, improving colour and brightness, picture re-sizing, red eye reduction, text insertion and many more. And, the most interesting part is that all of these features, that normally are only a part of expensive professional photo editing software now comes at zero cost, you having only to download and install the software.

As a proud user of Picasa since its first release, I'm quite happy on the amount of effort Google has put in their latest introduction. The software has helped me better organize my photographs with having to pay virtually nothing for a great deal of functionality.

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