Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Chrome: The latest Toy

Google, adding yet another cool addition to what they call software, introduced Chrome releasing the beta version for MS Windows systems (chrome 0.2), on 2nd September 2008. The new open source browser is told to serve as a faster alternative to Mozilla Firefox once done, and since its inception seems to be. Geared around simplicity and innovation, Chrome introduces some of the most coolest features in browsing while using a little amount of screen real-estate and consuming a way little memory when compared to the bulky giant Firefox.

The lately introduced Open Source Browser uses a heavy amount of the Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox core, according to this introduction to the browser. Among some of the innovations Chrome brings for you is its advanced Java Script engine that provides a much better experience when running bulky Java Script dependant sites such as Google's very own Gmail, which Firefox is having a lot of problems with when it comes to memory and performance.

Google explains how chrome can be used in this most creative comic book approach they have taken. Chrome has brought about a wonderful and pleasing experience to browsing, including the ability to do most day-to-day web tasks efficiently and simply without bothering the overall performance of your PC. They are hoping to introduce the Linux and MacOS versions shortly and are hoping to embed into it some really cool and fancy additions while keeping it simple and small.

There are still some minus points with the beta version of Chrome, which might be in beta for quite a long time according to what most believe as in Gmail which has been in beta for ages, keeping Google from assuring things will go well as expected instead of that it should work always. Many complain that the ability to view larger pdf files and some occasional hangs in the application sort of needs a thorough investigation.

To me, Firefox starts up faster than Chrome on Windows, but loads pages a bit slower, having also needed to keep in mind that FF3 adds a lot of your time in storing bookmarks and organizing history, which Chrome seems to do as well, but, in a slightly different and efficient manner. Performance wise Chrome outweighs FF3, as it being extremely lightweight and virtually un-noticed by other applications.


kingdom media said...

there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it's speed, for example; now if only they would take care it's quirky cookie management...

Senaka said...

Yep, let's hope that Chrome will get better and better in days to come. For now, its all about its lesser memory consumption, and speed vs. Firefox.

Roger Miller said...

Firefox has been causing big problems for me lately. Almost desperate enough to switch back to IE!!!!
I’ve downloaded Chrome but haven’t had a chance to deal with it.
Maybe the Project Manager at my day job will ask about it. he’s in charge of “internet systems”, he recently asked about “Firebox” and wanted to know if anyone had ever heard of “Safari”. Yes …in charge of internet development.

Rogel Miller