Thursday, August 21, 2008

The IT industry is bigger than we think

Recently, Gartner published its report on spendings on IT industry's in the year 2008. It seems that we are all a part of a $3.4 trillion worth industry according to this media release. However, as it may seem, these figures may not be precise due to fluctuations in the US dollar. Gartner identifies that Cloud Computing will be the next revolutionary area in IT where people would focus on spending into services provided by a cloud rather than purchasing software.

A follow up discussion on the Cloud Computing discussion group @ GoogleGroups, [1], identifies several key areas that this post doesn't consider. For instance Open Source and Free Software are not paid for. And they also point out the fact that the post encourages CEOs, CTOs and CIOs to invest in cloud computing. This all means that the IT industry is growing even at this very moment and is much larger than we expect it to be.

Cloud Computing would give service providers the possibility to charge per service provided rather than software distributed. This means that you will be able to make more money in a fine grained manner. It return it means that the future IT industry is much bigger than what it is now. Computing will continue to be pervasive and IT will continue to grow. That means, the IT industry is bigger than we think.


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