Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cloud Computing is not 100% Dell

Dell, which is a company that develops, manufactures, sells and supports computers and related products was trying to acquire the Cloud Computing trademark recently and failed. Sam Johnston has posted a lengthy account in this regard. Dell's attempt was also criticized in, as an approach to grab the future of computing.

To me it means that Dell was trying to coin a term in there advantage and create a confusion to what perhaps in the future someone would believe that Dell pioneered cloud computing which is not very true. The time at which the application for registration was filed, the term cloud computing was popular but Dell said that they believed it wasn't. Forrest Norrod, VP and GM - Data Center Solutions in fact implicitly stated the fact that cloud computing did not belong to a single entity.

However, as of now, the dispute seems to be resolved and cloud computing becomes something that is not a proprietary implementation that belongs to a single vendor such as Dell.

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