Sunday, August 3, 2014

The right Governance Tools are key to the right Level of Maturity

Governance is part and parcel of any enterprise of the modern world. Knowingly or unknowingly, every single employee is a part of some form of corporate governance. Having the right tools and frameworks not only helps but also ensures that you design, develop and implement the best governance strategies for your organisation.

The types of tools and the approach required for governance varies significantly depending on the level of maturity of an organisation. The Capability Maturity Model Integration programme explains several levels of maturity an organisational process can be in. It is ideal for all organisations to eventually reach the optimum state in terms of all its processes, but it is not always required and can also be very expensive if over done.

The key to understanding what level of governance is needed is to find where your organisation is in terms of its level of maturity. And, you may choose different types of governance products for different types of process requirements. When selecting right tool or framework, you should not only focus on what the product is capable of and how much it costs, but also what types of metrics can they provide for you to iteratively improve the maturity of your organisation.

A basic registry/repository solution that can be used to capture requirements, group them into projects and provide some analytics around what they provide can only help you get past the second level of maturity. Similarly, the most advanced deployment composed of multiple products of multiple vendors in combination of a series of home-grown solutions, will not only burn a lot of your finances but also will end up taking a lot of time on establishing and maintaining these processes.

It takes a lot of thinking and planning, and the right mix of products as well as expertise will be required. To open doors for the next level of maturity, your company will need the right governance solution that is unique to your requirements. Most of the work done and organisational transformation happens within the third level of maturity and the journey beyond is not so difficult. But, this what requires proper understanding and planning. And, making the right choice of toolset will be pivotal towards taking your organisation to the most optimum level of maturity.

Therefore, it is crucial that you pay attention to requirements of later stages early enough to help you invest the right amount of time and money before starting to take your organisation to the next level of success.

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