Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why Should you choose WSF/PHP

Web Services Framework for PHP by WSO2 is by far the most comprehensive stack that provides most WS-* features for a typical PHP Web Services developer, having to put in the least amount of effort to get something done. The comparison of various strategies opted by PHP developers to Web Services is detailed in this post by Samisa.

Meanwhile, the WSF/PHP sphere of possibilities have gone from basic WS through SOAP to most WS-* specifications supported and also the demanding support for RESTful Web Services. Uthaiyashankar, and Katie in this video (story found in here) explains what makes WSF/PHP a well rounded product for your enterprise PHP-based Web Services applications.

Samisa also explains in this post how WSF/PHP blends well into the domain of enterprise-grade WS applications in PHP. This briefs many a feature of WSF/PHP against various expectations of the users of Web Services in PHP.

WSF/PHP's capabilities were appreciated by Andi Gutmans (CTO and Co-Founder of Zend), recently; who explained the mutual collaboration of WSO2 and Zend to make enterprise WS with PHP better as, "Zend and WSO2 are mutually dedicated to serving the diverse needs of PHP developers with world-class open-source software for implementing Web services. By bringing support for both enterprise-oriented WS-* and REST Web services to our managed PHP production environment, WSO2 joins us in empowering the developers supporting more than 20 million PHP websites with unprecedented flexibility for delivering enterprise-class Web services."

I therefore believe that the benefits of using WSF/PHP as a WS enabler in your PHP website or application is clear beyond further justification.


shanwhiz said...

hehe this is a gross self promotion attempt?? for WSo2 maybe? the issue is, I've found that the soap implementation on php is still very very strong. so what scale of implementation would the wso2 framework come into play. i've been promoting you guys somewhat lately.

Senaka said...

Hey Shan,

Well strong can mean many things. WSF/PHP supports much more than what PHP5 SOAP extension does. And also, the stability of the core features is safeguarded in spite of some unstable dev-level additions.

WSF/PHP supports large-scale deployments, interops well with: WCF, Java (IBM,Axis2) and all WSO2 based frameworks in multiple languages. That makes it comprehensive. :)..

Popularity might still not be quite high against PHP5 SOAP, but, I believe that WSF/PHP is gaining good ground in the PHP domain. Setup is not so complicated as well.

I guess it is a matter of time.