Friday, October 10, 2008

One Year of Contribution to Axis2/C

It is quite hard to understand how fast time advances, as it has been like yesterday to me, when I made my first contribution to Axis2/C, in the form of reporting a bug on the manual (you can find the ticket here). If you are interested in understanding what I meant in this issue: I reported, the file found in here was missing, an year back.

It is quite interesting to see how I gradually got on track with Axis2/C development activities. But, to be honest I haven't been doing much ever since I started my final year at the University. I'm looking forward to re-join the contribution camp as soon as I find some free time, which is somewhat a scarce resource these days.

Axis2/C recently began its third year. More information is found on Samisa's post made here. It is quite nice to see many new names appearing on the mailing lists, and also several new contributors joining the project. A special thanks to the two participants of GSoC 2008 who worked with Axis2/C.

When I started working with Axis2/C the project had merely completed its 1.1 release and was looking forward to further additions before the next major release. It was during this era I started working on a improved scheme for HTTP Authentication on Axis2/C. A more detailed description of what it is all about is found in here. My contributions to Axis2/C helped me become a committer to the Web Services Project at the Apache Software Foundation.

Afterwards, during the latter part of my internship at WSO2, I worked on implementing support for RESTful Services on Axis2/C. This was one of the major additions to the project. I also contributed fixing a number of bugs and added few other improvements as well. Thanks to ohloh, you should be able to see some of my commits to Apache Axis2/C in here.

Many thanks to all those who helped me and supported me with my work on Axis2/C, and also to many others who were major factors that influenced my contributions to the project. Today, Axis2/C is perhaps the best and fastest Web Service engine written in C, supporting both SOAP and REST over a magnitude of transport protocols. Axis2/C is also the basis of other popular WS projects at WSO2 including WSF/PHP and WSF/C.

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