Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All new WSO2.com

The WSO2's .com site has put on a new look since last September. The new theme describes the Open Source Company in more detail. Three years ago, WSO2 began as a company with a mission to build a fully functional enterprise-grade SOA middleware platform, which has now grown to become one of the best SOA infrastructures out there, and as Dr. Weerawarana describes, WSO2 is ready to take IBM's and Oracle/BEA's seat as your SOA vendor.

WSO2's .com site combines various components of the company's SOA middleware products to formulate a one-single system that implements a better SOA, as seen in the image above, which is the spotlight of the main page. Samisa, has described the new CCCG Theme of WSO2 in this post. The products page explains how each of WSO2's key products fit into this Theme. Samisa's post better explains this fact.

WSO2 now a three year old company is looking forward for more exciting updates and introductions, enabling superior technology at the lowest costs (hey who says you gotta pay, most of it is free :-)... ).

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