Saturday, September 13, 2008

Surfing Standing on your head, courtesy Dulip

Dulip Kokuhennedige, a 22 year old Sri Lankan living in Dorset Britain, became perhaps the only person in all of UK who could do the marvelous trick of surfing standing on his head made it to the headlines of most English news papers, for his amazing capability that attracted quite a number of tourists, and along with it a great deal of attention to the small town that he lived.

A resident of the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, Dulip was one of those unfortunate few who was badly affected by the tsunami that struck the island in December 2004, loosing everything he owned in this small island country. I bet he's putting up a marvelous show out there as seen on The Sun UK, The MirrorMetro, Telegraph, and BBC's news videos.

As described on The Sun's news page, "Dulip can stay upside down - when most can’t even stand up - and ride a wave for up to 15 seconds before it breaks and flips him over. The builder has tried to teach his friends how to surf upside down but none of them have been able to do the stunt he invented."

The young chap is looking forward to the completion of Europe's first artificial surf reef currently being built in Bournemouth, which is to be finished in October 2008, providing waves like those found in Malibu Beach California.

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