Sunday, June 22, 2008

Firefox 3: A new definition to browsing

Firefox is the present world's most popular browser. The latest member in the family of Firefox was released last Tuesday, with a staggering amount of 8 million Firefox 3 downloads in 24 hours.

I started using the Firefox 3 interface since it's beta days, starting from Firefox 3 beta 5 which came with my Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) operating system. Ever since then I've been enjoying Firefox 3, but with a few incompatibility issues such as, the popular work offline problem, and the unavailability of 3rd party plugins. The release solves these issues and also several other fixes that were dearly needed.

Among the improvements from earlier versions are the,
  1. Improved, intelligent address bar.
  2. Better resolution scaling.
  3. Lesser memory consumption.
  4. Improved security, making it the most secure Firefox ever.
  5. Faster browsing.
  6. Easy installing and management of plugins.
  7. Further language support.
And, most importantly with all these features Firefox 3 becomes the worlds best browser. Influenced by total communal participation, Firefox 3 is one great example of the true power and capability of open source, beating giants in browser industry such as IE and Netscape.

The latest version of Firefox can be downloaded by clicking the fancy download button (Spread Firefox button) on the right.


Punto said...

When I am signing out from gmail, firefox 3 crashes. What would be the case ?

Senaka said...

Hi Punto,

Does it crash or does it freeze? I have not run into a crashing problem while signing out of gmail, but there is an occasional freezing problem. This is because, gmail is based on client side scripts that use a great deal of memory from your PC. Depending on the amount of memory you have, and especially the number of open tabs in your browser, it may occasionally freeze, but it normally recovers. However, the improved gmail on Firefox 3, is still much faster than on Firefox 2.x and IE browsers.