Sunday, January 20, 2008

Proxy Authentication on Axis2/C

I believe that it is better to have a brief analysis on Proxy "Basic" Authentication support, which was lately added into Axis2/C.

The main reason behind implementing Proxy Authentication was due to a user request made on the Axis2/C JIRA, which was in fact a major improvement. This is due to the widespread use of proxies in the corporate environment where Axis2/C deployment is mainly targeted.

I have implemented Proxy "Basic" Authentication and am presently working on Digest Authentication so that the requirement would be addressed. The basis of this implementation is the RFC2617, which describes authentication requirements in general.
I have added several mechanisms of setting up proxy authentication in Axis2/C clients, which can be found on the Axis2/C Manual.

In the current implementation their are some added benefits with respect to Proxy "Basic" Authentication. They are,
  • Ability to authenticate blind proxies
  • Ability to globally or locally set-up authentication
  • Preemptive authentication support
  • Client API integration

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